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Indiana's Approach

Growing Lifelong Philanthropists

Youth Philanthropy in Indiana is as diverse as the communities that make up our state. We encourage and help organizations to integrate our four pillars of effective youth philanthropy:  serving, giving, leading, and engaging.  YPII has discovered that the best practices of a successful youth philanthropy program are comprehensive and include the following components:  

  • Philanthropy Education/Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Grantmaking and/or Annual Giving of Funds for Community Needs
  • Community Service
  • Civic Engagement
  • Encouragement of Personal Giving
  • Fundraising Events and Activities
  • Development of Youth and Adult Partnerships

The Four Pillars of Indiana Youth Philanthropy

youth philanthropy initiative indiana

  • Serving
  • Giving
  • Leading
  • Engaging

Community Constituents Who Benefit From Youth Philanthropy

  • Families and Youth
  • Youth-serving Organizations
  • Schools
  • Foundations (Community, Family, Private, Corporate)
  • United Ways
  • Civic/Community Organizations
  • Congregations/Faith-based Organizations
  • Community Leaders

Youth Philanthropy Develops Life-Skills

  • Decision-Making and Critical-Thinking Skills
  • Awareness of Non-profit Organizations
  • Grantmaking  Experience
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Public Speaking and Communication
  • Teamwork and Understanding Group Dynamics
  • Facilitation and Organizational Skills
  • Relationship Building
  • Fundraising and Personal Giving

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