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Youth Philanthropy Resources
YPII recommends the following resources that teach youth about philanthropy.  Our resources are helpful to youth-serving organizations, schools, families, and foundations that want to involve youth in "giving and serving" within their communities.
Philanthropy Resources for All Ages

Indiana Youth Philanthropy: A Framework for Best Practices

Youth philanthropy in Indiana is as diverse as the communities that make up our state.  YPII has gathered views and helpful ideas from many of Indiana's successful Youth Philanthropy programs to provide the following best practices.

A Path to Growing Lifelong Philanthropists

This illustration highlights important entry points within a young person’s life for introducing philanthropic concepts and opportunities.
Three key ideas to remember are:
  • Start early and be sticky with examples of caring and sharing.
  • Develop philanthropic behaviors and attitudes through giving of time, talent, and treasure.
  • Expand opportunities for youth service, leadership, and engagement.

Guide to Establishing a Youth Philanthropy Program

A guide to assist newly established or emerging youth philanthropy programs,offered in a turn-key approach with best practices and lessons learned. Many of the Indiana's community foundation youth philanthropy programs assisted YPII in the creation of the guide by providing policies/procedures and templates.

Phil and His Family's Adventures in Giving

Engage your youth in giving, serving, and leading. Here is a creative and imaginative resource designed to help youth incorporate the spirit of generosity into their everyday lives. Through characters, stories and activities, giving and serving comes alive in a way that is fun and understandable!  It is ideal for both school and after-school programs, faith-based organizations and summer youth programming.  Appropriate for ages 4-11 and teen mentors.

Engaging Youth in Fundraising - YPII Resource

Engaging youth in fundraising can be transformational for organizations and a community because youth bring energy and passion to causes that are important to them.  Tapping into that passion is not only life-changing for organizations and communities; it brings about a validation to youth that they have the power to be change-makers.

Ages 5-10 Philanthropy Resources

What if Everybody Gave?

Storybook about the potential change we would see if everyone gave just a little.

The Word for Me is Philanthropy

Stories, activities and hand-outs help children to understand the world - and word - of philanthropy.

Ages 11-18

Youth as Philanthropists

Fun, engaging and age-appropriate activities teach young people the language and history of philanthropy.

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